Thursday, June 04, 2009

Crock Pot Yogurt

Thanks to Candy at Keeping The Christian Home for this wonderful recipe!

Crock Pot Yogurt

8 cups Whole Milk (pasteurized is ok but not ultra-pasteurized)
1/2 c. plain store bought yogurt (to use as a starter)

Put the milk in your crock pot and set on low. Allow to cook on low for 2.5 hours. don't remove the lid during cooking. Turn the crock pot off and allow to sit for 3 hours (don't open it or stir the milk, just leave it alone for 3 hours). After the three hours has passed, remove the lid and stir in the yogurt with a wire whisk. Replace the lid and wrap the crock pot in a heavy bath towel. Allow to sit overnight. In the morning you will have yogurt.

If the yogurt is not as thick as you'd like, just line a fine mesh strainer or colander with a clean flour sack cloth or double cheesecloth and set it over a bowl. Pour in your yogurt and set in the refrigerator for about an hour. The whey that drains into the bowl can be saved for use in cooking or soaking foods to be cooked such as beans or whole grains.

To flavor yogurt, drain it to desired consistency then add honey or other sweetener and pureed or chopped fruit.

Drain for several hours to obtain yogurt cheese (similar to cream cheese) to use in dips, spreads or on bread or toast.